Our Holistic Approach

Our Holistic Approach to Life Engagement


We appreciate and acknowledge every resident’s individuality and their personal accomplishments and contributions during their life. Our Holistic Approach to Wellness is designed around this philosophy. We attempt to engage residents in social aspects of life that minimize loneliness and boredom.

Adapted from the Six Dimensions of Wellness developed by Dr. Bill Hettler from the National Wellness Institute (NWI), this model has been customized for Senior Living so that it blends occupational pursuits with environmental, cultural and vocational interests, all of which fall under the Dimension of Wellness called “Community Connections.” Surpass Senior Living and Mariposa Point has added a Seventh Dimension of Wellness called “Intergenerational” in recognition and support of the importance of seniors engaging regularly with other generations, including the very young, teenagers and young adults.

The Seven Dimensions of Wellness represent the pillars of our resident programming and are a key component to our holistic approach to wellness and care.

Community Centered Active Engagement
By getting to know each resident on a personal level, we are able to offer activities and programming that engage all residents based on their desires. Our Traditions program in memory care demonstrates resident-centered care by also utilizing the Seven Dimensions of Wellness that capture the essence of each resident – who they are, their lifetime of achievements, successes, and accomplishments – and then provides the tools for our community team to personally connect with each resident throughout the day.
The Seven Dimensions of Wellness

  • Intergenerational – This allows our residents to interact with multiple generations of people to fulfill residents desired for meaningful life engagement with others of all ages.
  • Physical – Physical exercise is shown to slow physical deterioration, while reducing the risk of falls.
  • Spiritual – Spiritual activities aid in the psychological and emotional well being of our residents. We provide times of meditation, song, and prayer in an atmosphere that is open to our residents diverse spiritual traditions.
  • Community Connections – We encourage the residents to continue to serve others. This instills a sense of purpose and  engages the local community in our programming.  Our Board of Advisors contributes to our community connections.
  • Intellectual – This engages residents on a cognitive level.  Our One Week University program engages residents for one week every quarter in lectures from top professors.  We believe that learning doesn’t end the day you reach retirement age; it’s a lifelong process.
  • Emotional – Emotional Wellness implies having an optimistic approach to life, and enjoy life despite its occasional disappointments and frustrations.  We encourage residents to engage in programs and to be active.
  • Social – This provides opportunities for residents to engage in the specific recreational activities they enjoy: dominoes, checkers, card games, and musical memories.